Future of Farming

The agricultural sector is going to face enormous challenges in order to feed the 9.6 billion people that are predicted to inhabit the planet by 2050, especially with the impact of climate change and a looming global water shortage.

The farming practices of traditional farming methods are producing foods that have been genetically modified, that are laced with pesticides, and that lack the nutrients our bodies need, leading to obesity.

What is the future of farming? In this documentary series, we meet modern-day farmers who use technology and innovation to rethink the way we produce food and who’s practices may be the answer we’ve been looking for.

Hotel Hunt

Through storytelling TV and media, we help travellers like you find the best places to stay for your trips.

We bring the “Ahhhhhh!” and gift viewers with a personalized look at some of the world’s most beautiful vacation rentals, resorts, destinations and everything in between.

The super lucky girls, Rebecca Webster & Taylor Cole Longacre, travel the world and uncover unique stories about locales, food, adventure, culture and where you can lay your head when the day is done!


Hotel Figueroa – Santa Monica, California

Avila Beach Hotel – Willemstad, Curacao

Nickelodeon – Punta, Cana, Dominican Republic

The Wesley – London, England

Downright Domestic

Downright Domestic is a half-hour lifestyle show that provides information and ideas to improve your domestic life. Each episode focuses on a specific topic, ranging from ‘cooking and cleaning’ to ‘fashion and finances.’ The host interviews experts about the topics and they often do how-to demonstrations. The goal of the show is to giver our audience solutions to their domestic dilemmas.


Get Healthy

Terrific Transformations

Cultural Cuisine

Kidtastic Ideas

The Recovery Room

A group of interior decorators and professional organizers join forces to makeover the room of a person house-bound, recovering from an illness.  The idea is to make their environment a healing space, to make it uplifting visually in the hopes of lifting the person’s spirits and encourage their quick recovery.

Give Me Credit

People often equate their self-worth with their net-worth so when they experience financial difficulties it can affect their self-esteem and can lead to depression, health problems, poor work performance and put strain on their relationships.  This is where Credit Coach Michael Drolet comes in, to help them manage their money, reestablish their credit and get back to a place of financial and emotional security.

He shows them how their financial difficulties stem from either circumstances beyond their control or from a pattern of self-destructive financial behaviours they developed because of circumstances in their past, such as childhood of poverty, a message about money subconsciously internalized from a parent, and so on.

Everyone has a story that influences their relationship to money that becomes the foundation of their financial struggles. Each episode of Give Me Credit tells someone’s story and Michael helps them rewrite it so they establish healthy financial behaviours and re-establish their credit. They walk into his office with credit issues but they walk out with a new relationship to money and themselves.  There is a happy ending to their story with them becoming richer materially and personally.


Healthy Eats!

This fast paced, in your face food show features restaurants that serve healthy eats!

We search North America to find the best vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, organic, and overall ‘best for your belly’ eateries. We showcase the most popular meal on their menu. The chef shows us how it’s made and the patrons show us how it’s munched.

It’s our mission to prove that nutrish really can be delish!